Illustration Friday - Transportation

Lyrics by Pink Martini "Mar Desconocido". Love this song.


  1. I think the text combined with your drawing is beautiful.

    (And I love your blog header!)

  2. What a lovely illustration. I like the contrast with the blue on the old paper. She has a very sweet face too!.

  3. Lady Bird!
    i posted a comment this morning on your blog but i guess bloggerdotcom ate my comment!!!
    oh, i hate it when it happens.

    this lady is rather eerie but thats why i LOVE it.
    im into eerie, gothic, and dark things, you know :D

    too bad i cant understand the text/lyrics, google translate is not helping :((

  4. Hay! I am very excited to know more about your blog. Actually I follow all those great blogs and encourage others to do the same and it is very nicely compiled list! i found it very use full, work done here is appreciated. thanks

  5. Thank you for all your messages. It's so good to met such interesting people!


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