Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Dear Benila's readers, it's GIVEAWAY TIME!
For a chance to win a fabulous Patchart Brooch (look at the beautiful pictures) all you have to do is visit the Patchart Blog and then leave a comment below this post about your favourite technique. That's all! You have time until the end of April. A winner will be choosen at random on 1st of May!
Good Luck!

Would you like to know something else about Patchart? Here you are: my interview to my friend Judith, of Patchart.

Hi Judith!
First af all:
1- Can you tell us how and when did you start making patchwork?
Hi! It was about 10 years ago, when I came back to Spain. The mother of a riend of my son used to organize some patchworks workshops in her shop on Saturday mornings. I enjoyed a lot doing it.

2- Which are your main inspirations?
I like creativity in general but I specially like Japanese style, their fabrics and patterns are unique!

3- Where do you find the beautiful fabrics you use in your works?
There are nice shops here in Barcelona, but they are quite expensive. On Internet you can find cheaper prices. I used to buy online from a british shop, but recently I found a very interesting Etsy seller!

4- Next projects?
My goal is having my own style, the Patchart style, being able to create my own patterns, unique pieces!

5- Can you recommend some websites you follow? Are you going to organize any patchwork workshop?
Some of my friends ask me to organise a workshop, I'd like to arrange one in the future, maybe in Autumn...
Some webs I like are: www.katespain.com, www.helomynameisheather.com,
blog.betzwhite.com, www.tagodesign.com, www.tulapink.com ...

Thank you Judith, hasta la próxima!