Mariscal @ La Pedrera

Yesterday I went to the Mariscal exposition with a friend and I was happily surprised by the way the works were arranged: an explotion of colors and creativity.
I also liked very much pieces were shown not by the date of creation, but they were divided by themes and concepts.
The best thing of the expo is that once it's finished, you want to go back home and start drawing!

These are my friend and I (on the right), at the photo boot at the end of the Mariscal Experience :)


  1. Che bello!!anch'io vorrei tanto andare, ma sono un pochino lontana...magari facessero mostre cosí belle anche a'essere stata un'esperienza molto ricca di ispirazioni!

  2. what??
    where, where, oh where???
    i couldnt see your face, Lady Bird!


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