Cover to Cover -"The wind-up bird chronicle" by Murakami Haruki

I put this book in my summer luggage and we shared beautiful hours. Sadly (!) at the beginning of september I finished it. It is such a good novel that I'm sorry I finished it!
I really love Murakami's novels and it always makes me feel sad when they are over. It's still on my bedtable, I like to look at its cover and here it is, my sketch for my Flickr group.


  1. oh ive never heard of this book, but it sounds interesting!
    currently im reading Destroy, She Said by Marguerite Duras but im such a lazy lazy cat, havent even finished chapter 1 yet... xD

    always love your watercolor wash!

  2. Yo también lo he leído, en castellano, me lo regalaron por mi cumpleaños y, a pesar de lo largo que es, lo acabé pronto. Es un autor interesante, creo que retrata muy bien la sociedad japonesa actual.

  3. Ciao!! ho trovato il tuo blog e mi é piaciuto...poi ho visto che ti piace Murakami, sei italiana, vivi in Spagna e ti piace illustrare... (tutto come me!!!..solo che io sto a Valencia e ad illsustrare...diciamo chje sto imparando...)ti seguo e mi studieró bene i tuoi lavori!!!complimenti!


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