Cover to Cover num 3

Trying to organize my usual chaos, I've found this drawing for my Flickr group "Cover to Cover" and I realized I didn't post it. So here it is, a beautiful comic by Yoshihiro Tatsumi "A drifting life". It's an autobiography where he speaks about his beginnings as a manga artist. I liked it very much because there so much in this comic: family relatioships, japan history, manga history.
And now I'm searching for the second part!


  1. Ooh I'd be really interested to read this...I wonder if there is an English version...

    Sarah x

  2. Sarah: yes there is an english edition, the two books togheter. Here you can find more informations:

  3. the book sounds interesting, i like manga and anime, my fave is Le Chevalier D'Eon!!!!


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