Liebster Blog Award

Today I got a blog award from my dear friend Azzurra.
I'm very happy!

 The rules are simple:
 Liebster means "dearest" in german and is given to blogs with less than 200 followers.

When you're given the award you, follow these steps:

-  Thank the one who gave you the award & post a link;

- Mention 5 blogs to forward the award to (let them know by leaving a comment at their blog).

So now it's my turn and my personal Liebster Blog goes to:

2.Lady Orlando
3.Embrace Tiger
5.La viajera más lenta


  1. Ilaria, muchas gracias!!! Eres muy amable. En la próxima entrada lo publico.
    Siempre me gusta visitarte y disfrutar de tu arte tan precioso.
    Un fuerte abrazo y que tengas un Nuevo Año lleno de alegría y creatividad!!

  2. Grazie! E' stata una bellissima sorpresa e sono molto onorata :)


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