New greeting cards

This year Christmas Cards are inspired by a teddy bear my little girl has near her bed.
I draw the teddy bear and coloured it with watercolours, then I digitally added the background ( a japanese pattern). They come with a bright red envelope and they are blank inside, so you can customize your message.


  1. Complimenti!!l'orsetto é tenerissimo!!!mi piace proprio tanto!!!prima o poi impareró anch'io a usare gli acquarelli!

  2. LADY BIIIIIIIIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry i come so late and sorry i didnt mean to yell!

    i've been really really busy lately, my deadlines are killing me.... thank you very much for stopping by, i hope you've been well.

    reading this post reminds me of an old book that my daddy gave me months ago, look at this:

    so the pattern is Blue Sea Waves! ;)

    your watercolour is really good as always!
    i suck at watercolour and i know nothing about digital media, heheh...


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