Mail from Japan

I received a beautiful letter from Yumiko, my japanese pen friend (yes, I love snail mails!).
She sent me some postcards from the japanese artist Yayoi Kusama: I didn't know this artist before writing to Yumiko. My friend wrote me about her art and her complicated and amazing life and I really love her style.
Here are two postcards she sent me:

And this is the detail of the back:

I like all these little people, the colors and specially I love that she gave names to them!

More about Yayoi Kusama: Artsy, Yayoi Kusama


  1. How cool! I'd love a Japanese penfriend...especially since Japan is top of my list of future travel destinations :-)

    Sarah x

  2. hello again The Bird with the Red Purse, you are so very funny :D

    the postcards are so cute.
    they remind me of a not-so-old book Toto-Chan by Tetsuko Kuronayagi, i read it like years ago.
    Love the details too!!!!

    im no longer Little Yellow Bird.
    im now The Devil.

    okay a tiny little one...


  3. Oh...I LOVE snail mail too.
    Waht a wonderful World you have here...I am now I will be back.


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