Featured on Green Bean Studio

Katie Green, of Green Bean Studio, has made me a beautiful birthday present: I'm featured in her blog with one of my papier maché fridge magnet! Her blog is very stimulating (I love her "What I wore" serie) and her Etsy shop is full of nice things!

Here his the illustration of one of my magnets, drawn by Katie:

And here an illustration with her favourite things (more info on her blog!):


  1. Happy happy birthday Ilaria! I was going to emil you to let you know you were up there but you found it first :) I'm glad it made you happy - I'm also glad you're ahppy enough with my drawing to post it on your own blog. I was so indecisive over whether to draw or photograph these things but I think I'm glad that I drew them. You will, of course, be featured in the next Green Bean too :)

    Thanks for posting about me and sending your lovely readers my way!



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